It’s your big day! Don’t leave the music in just anybody’s hands.

Private Parties.

Your party will be poppin’ with Darion spinning beats.

Corporate Events.

Corporate events can be a bore, get people pumped up!

Light it up.

Looking for the top DJ in Monterey? You’ve come to the right place! DJ Darion customizes every event to each client’s unique taste for truly personalized service. He provides a premium DJ service and has a proven track record of professionalism and expertise.

“Darion Bonnet is a very talented DJ that has the ability to elevate every event to the next level. I have personally recommended and used Darion’s services for over 5 years. His intuition and insight has proved to create memorable experiences. He has also performed at many Folktale Winery events over the last 3 years from Chef Duel to weddings. His ability to read a room, and the clientele he is working with, is an invaluable gift and talent. Darion’s positive energy and excitement is something I always look forward to when working with him.”

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DJ Darion.

Host an event your guests will never forget! DJ Darion has over 20 years of experience in the business and has performed at hundreds of weddings and events. He knows what makes a great party, leave the music to Darion.

20 Years experience
DJ & MC Services
High Quality Sound
Hottest DJ in Monterey